Cody Armes - Vice President - Import/Export and Compliance
15 years experience - Customs Brokerage, Classification, Import/Export, Logistics, Global Trade Management, Vessel Agency, and associated services for Commercial and Oil & Gas.

Robert Nunez - Manager - Regulatory Compliance
24 years experience - Vessel & Offshore Operations, AMS Services, eNOA/D Services, Cargo Logistics Import and Export, Customs Brokerage, US and Canada Bond and Carrier Code Procurement.

Stacy Welch - Manager - Import/Export Services
28 years experience - Import Brokerage, Inbond Spares, Freight Forwarding, Export AES/SED filing, Steel License processing, ISF, RCD, HS Classification.

De'Anne Lucario - Manager - AMS Services
14 years experience - AMS, eNOAD vessel operations and Maritime Accounting.