Customs Brokerage

Mid Gulf Shipping's Customs Brokerage department works closely with the Global Trade Management, Regulator Compliance, and Operations departments to ensure your goods remain on schedule with compliant filings. Our remote location filing system allows for Mid Gulf Shipping to clear your shipments at any port in the United States allowing you to experience a consistent quality of service each and every time, all while maintaining your records in one centralized, easy accessible location.

Our professional and detailed staff can help you with any and all import or export related US Customs filings through the latest Automated Broker Interface (ABI):

• Import Clearances - Mid Gulf Shipping can prepare and file all types of import clearance from informal to formal all while maintaining compliance oversight to protection you from any possible fines, penalties, or delays.

• Inbond Movements - Want to import goods into one US port and transit to a bonded warehouse? Stops by the local Customs House adding to your cost? Mid Gulf Shipping can utilize our remote location filing system to arrange all your inbond filings with a seamless transaction while deleting your stops at the Customs Houses, saving you time and money.

• Importer Security Filings (ISF) - Mid Gulf Shipping can coordinate and file all your required Importer Security Filings on a continuous basis or a one off scenario to ensure your timely reporting to US Customs prior to the departure of your goods towards the United States.

• Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) Operations - Mid Gulf Shipping can assist you with continuous operations or creation of a new FTZ. Our ABI software, partner with our proprietary eLOG operations and billing software, can provide a detailed operational reporting of all your FTZ needs.

• Automated Export System (AES) filings - Need to export goods from the United States, not to worry, Mid Gulf Shipping can coordinate and file all of your export reporting information to include the creation of Letters of Credits, Bills of Ladings, and export manifest.

• Customs Bonds - Whether you are a new importer or carrier operating in the United States or a global corporation, Mid Gulf Shipping can assist you with the establishment and management of your US Customs Bonds.

Carriers and Operators we haven't forgot about you, Mid Gulf Shipping's staff is up to date on the latest rulings and requirements for vessel operating in the United States. Our staff can coordinate and file all your requirements.

• Automated Manifest System (AMS) filings - Whether you're a new carrier or well established carrier, Mid Gulf Shipping can assist you with your AMS filings. Our knowledgeable staff will coordinate the AMS carrier setup, management, recordkeeping, and filings with US Customs all while you experience our first hand customer service experience.

• Standard Carrier Alpha Codes (SCAC) - Allow Mid Gulf Shipping's knowledgeable staff to file and manage your SCAC with the National Motor Freight Traffic Association all while you and your staff experience a high level of customer support.

• Electronic Notice of Arrival and Departures (eNOA/D) - Mid Gulf Shipping can coordinate and file all your pre-arrival and departure notifications with the United States Coast Guard. Our custom template makes for an easy and quick reporting method that is proven to save time and cost for your vessel movements.

• Advance Passenger Information System (APIS) - Mid Gulf Shipping can report all your crew and cargo movements to US Customs with a few clicks of the mouse, allowing for your crew changes to be conducted in seamless manner.

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